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Welcome to Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone!!!!

On the eve of launching the website, I thought I would tell you a little bit about what you are going to see/experience. (By I, am referring to myself, Sarah Gibson, the director/producer of this interactive documentary). Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone is a project born out of two goals: first, present Steve Taylor fans (and future fans) with a place to learn and share all things Steve Taylor; and second, see how far we can push the medium of an interactive documentary. I think we have reached both goals. It is an experiment meant to push the art of storytelling. My crew and I are very proud of the outcome and hope that you will enjoy it for months/years to come.

With that begin said, it is worth noting that this is a fluid and ever evolving project. I plan to continue to add to the content on this website as well as update you (the fans) about current Steve Taylor happenings here on this blog. Think of this blog as a “Steve Taylor news watch” bringing you all we can in the realm of “Steve.”

Feel free to submit videos, photos, documents, or links to new/old news stories you think other Steve Taylor fans would love to see. I am always open to new content. I  hope this can become a place where Steve fans can interact and share their experiences as we all enjoy Steve’s art (be it music, films, or any other future endeavors) together.

-Sarah Gibson

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    Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone: Welcome to Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone!!!!
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    I had the honor of working on this project as Assistant Director/Producer and I am excited to be able to share our work...
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